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Calvin R Boerman

Vice President, Electricity Sales and Delivery

Cal Boerman has over forty years of aerospace industry experience, and is the Vice President for Electricity Sales & Delivery for Solaren. Mr. Boerman has responsibility for all Solaren SSP electricity contracts, and for satisfying customer, regulator and grid operator requirements. Mr. Boerman negotiated the world’s first SSP power purchase agreement (PPA) for the contracted delivery of electricity generated from Solaren’s first space solar power plant. Currently, a new 20-year power purchase agreement is in the process of being negotiated, and will provide clean renewable baseload electricity to power over 250,000 homes in California within the next decade.
Mr. Boerman has extensive experience in managing cutting edge optical & radio frequency (RF) sensor payloads for air and space applications at Hughes Aircraft Company and Raytheon Corporation for the U2, Global Hawk, and other reconnaissance systems. Mr. Boerman’s expertise spans the total spectrum of aerospace program development from engineering design through production and operations. He has successfully managed several major DOD space and airborne sensor programs, that all delivered mission performance that met or exceeded customer requirements. Mr. Boerman is a recognized expert in the program management and engineering development of state of the art radar and RF systems. Mr. Boerman has successfully led new business development efforts and has extensive radar technical design and operations experience.
Mr. Boerman has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.