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Gary T. Spirnak

Founder, Chairman, President and CEO

Gary Spirnak has over thirty-three years of aerospace experience in both industry and government. He is the founder and CEO of Solaren Corporation, the first commercially viable space solar power company. Mr. Spirnak has formed an impressive program team, guided Solaren through multiple investment rounds, and led the design and development of Solaren’s breakthrough space solar power plant. Mr. Spirnak has co-authored several key Solaren space solar power system patents.
Prior to founding Solaren, Mr. Spirnak held a number of key positions in government and industry. At Boeing Satellite Systems, he was the Director of New Satellite Applications. Mr. Spirnak has extensive experience in space system development, operations and financing. At Hughes, Mr. Spirnak managed a major national security space program development to include successful multi-million dollar R&D efforts. Mr. Spirnak’s responsibilities encompassed formation of the program team, strategic plan and management of cost, schedule and performance requirements.
Mr. Spirnak had a distinguished military career, and was a US Air Force (USAF) officer and Spacecraft Project Engineer at Cape Canaveral AFS, FL. He successfully led a large spacecraft launch processing team of government and contractor personnel for a multi-billion dollar DOD satellite that flew on the Space Shuttle. In addition, Mr. Spirnak supported DOD and NASA Space Shuttle launches, as well as USAF Delta and Titan launch operations in both technical and management roles.
Mr. Spirnak is a senior member of the AIAA. Mr. Spirnak is a native of Pennsylvania, and received his BS in Industrial Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University, an MS in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Delaware and a MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles.