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Our Businesses

Solaren Corporation, headquartered in Manhattan Beach, CA is a combination energy and aerospace company and is organized around our three core business areas – SSP Systems, SSP Plant Operations, and Electricity Sales.

Space Solar Power (SSP) Systems – SSP Systems designs, develops, integrates, and certifies SSP plants for operations. In the coming decade, SSP Systems will perform unprecedented subsystems and systems testing, both on the ground and in space, to validate all aspects of our SSP Plants. The SSP development program culminates with the launch of the solar power satellites for our 250 megawatt (MW) SSP Plant. After deployment and checkout, the plant will be turned over to Solaren SSP Operations.
SSP Plant Operations – The start of SSP Plant Commercial Operations begins after SSP Systems has checked out and certified the SSP Plant. Solaren SSP Plant Operations generates power via Solar Power Satellites and safely delivers that power to the appropriate Ground Receive Station for direct conversion to electricity, and transmission to the customer’s delivery point. SSP Plant Operations maintains and operates 24/7 the SSP Plant system and continuously manages the delivery of electricity to our customers.
Electricity Sales – Solaren Electricity Sales enters into long-term power purchase agreements (PPA), with commercial and government customers at agreed to terms for the 24/7 delivery of zero carbon baseload electricity. Solaren SSP Plants can deliver baseload / dispatchable electricity to any country in the world. SSP Plant baseload capacities are currently planned to range from 250 to 2000 MW to a single Ground Receive Station. This scale of clean electricity generation will make a huge difference in combatting Global Climate Change.