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Electricity Sales Group

The Solaren Electricity Sales Group negotiates power purchase agreements (PPA) with customers for our SSP electricity. Several factors increase the value of our electricity sales: 1) Ability to provide predictable baseload (24/7) power, 2) Our Space Solar electricity is Renewable Portfolio Standard eligible, and 3) Cost competitive with all baseload generation.

Baseload / Dispatchable Power: According to DOE/EIA statistics, baseload power generates more than 75% of the world’s electricity supply. The remainder is covered by peaking and intermittent electricity generation. Baseload requires predictable, high capacity electricity generation available 24/7. Solaren Space Solar Power has been determined to be baseload eligible by California’s public utility commission regulators and their largest electric utility.

Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Eligible: Solaren Space Solar Power generated electricity has been certified by the California Energy Commission (CEC), as a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) eligible solar resource, which provides clean renewable electricity. As such Solaren Space Solar is eligible for all renewable energy solicitations, and all associated Federal and State renewable energy incentive programs.

Renewable Baseload Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): Solaren’s primary source of electricity sales are Baseload PPAs, which are long-term power contracts to deliver clean renewable electricity 24/7 to an electric utility or government customer. The term of a baseload PPA is typically 15 to 25 years. Electricity pricing for a baseload PPA is typically wholesale renewable pricing plus a premium for long-term assured supply.