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Solaren SSP Plant Operations Group

Solaren SSP Plant Operations Group is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the SSP Plant to include the Solar Power Satellite, and Ground Receive Station, as well as electricity delivery and scheduling for utility customers.

Solar Power Satellite Operations: Solaren will monitor the telemetry parameters describing the status, configuration, and health of the Solar Power Satellite’s (SPS) energy conversion payload, and SPS subsystems. This data will be downlinked to the SPS Command Station, and sent to the Solaren Operations Control Center (SOCC). The SOCC will monitor the radio frequency (RF) energy beam parameters from the SPS to the Ground Receive Station. The SOCC will command the SPS via a secure uplink for functions such as payload reconfiguration, and satellite station-keeping.

Ground Receive Station Operations: The Ground Receive Station (GRS) collects the RF Power Beam from the Solar Power Satellite (SPS) system, and directly converts it to electricity to transmit to the customer’s delivery point. The GRS is securely linked to the Solaren Operations Control Center (SOCC). The SOCC monitors the RF Power Beam parameters at the GRS, and the end to end energy conversion process from the SPS to the customer. The SOCC also monitors the status, configuration and health of the GRS’s receive antenna, and directs necessary maintenance.

Electricity Delivery & Scheduling: Real-time communication between the generator, utility and grid operator is critical for successful operation and maintenance of the electric grid network. For these reasons, we must develop and maintain a real-time communication network compatible with the utility and grid operator. Solaren must provide electricity delivery predictions and any planned maintenance down time on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis. We must notify the utility and grid operator of any unanticipated electricity delivery variations or outages immediately.