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Procurements Overview

Introduction – Solaren designs, develops, integrates, tests and operates Space Solar Power (SSP) plants. In the coming decade, Solaren will perform unprecedented components, subsystems and systems testing, both on the ground and in space, to validate all aspects of our SSP Plant. The SSP development program culminates with the contracted launch of the solar power satellites for our 250 MW SSP Plant. Over the next decade, Solaren anticipates contracts for high performance SSP components, subsystems, systems and launch services. Below are the procurement timelines and summaries.

Solaren SSP Development Procurements Timeframes:
Near-Term – In the next 1 to 2 years
Mid-Term – In the next 3 to 6 years
Far-Term – In the next 7 to 10 years

Near-Term Procurements: This year, Solaren will start the SSP Engineering Design & Demonstration Phase. Key activities are to: 1) develop and optimize space qualified power components and measure power subsystem performance, 2) perform SSP Plant system design studies, 3) optimize the SSP plant design, and 4) generate design requirements and complete System Requirements Review (SRR).

Mid-Term Procurements: Follow-on phases will rigorously test, on the ground and in space, all aspects of our SSP system. Rigorous subsystem and system tests of the solar power satellite and ground receive station will be performed. Launch services will be procured for space test qualification activities.

Far-Term Procurements: Our multi-billion dollar SSP development culminates with the manufacture, integration, launch, and operations of a 250 MW SSP Plant, which will deliver clean baseload electricity to our customer within the decade.